SLA Materials
Material Application
9120 Solid Imaging Process to build 3D parts
11120 • Water Flow Analysis
• RTV Patterns
• Durable Concept Models
• Wind Tunnel Testing
• Quickcast patterns
Acurra 25 • Look and feel of molded Polypropylene
• High Flexibility w/ excellent shape retention
• Snap Fit Capacity
• RTV Master Patterns
• Automotive and Consumer Electronics parts
Acurra 60 • Emulates Polycarbonate
• Durable and stiff
• High Clarity-Polished to Glass Clear
• Humidity Resistant
• Tough Functional Prototypes
• Lighting and Flow models
• Automotive Design Components
• Medical Instruments, Devices, etc.
Accura Bluestone™ • Wind-tunnel testing
• Production of CMM/Inspection and assembly jigs & fixtures
• Ligthing design
• Covers & Enclosures of electrical & Mechanical components
• Water-handling products
• Automotive "under-the-hood" Applications
• Housings & enclosure that require high stiffness and rigidity
• Electronic applications
Accura ClearVue • General purpose prototyping
• Models requiring high clarity - Head lamps and lenses, Fluid flow and visualization models, Transparent assemblies
• Snapfits and complex assemblies
• Medical models and medical devices
Accura Xtreme •Durable Assemblies: Snap fit assemblies, Tough Enclosures, Consumer electronic components
• Replace CNC machining of Polypropylene and ABS
• Look and feel of durable molded plastic
•Outstanding durability and impact resistance
NanoTool • Automotive components
• Wind-tunnel test parts
• light reflectors
• Pump housings
• Pump impellers
• Injection molds
• Ceramic Filled Material
• High Temp up to 269C
SLArmor • Wind-tunnel models
• Kinematic mechanical assemblies
• Factory assembly fixtures
• High-resolution die-castings
Watershed XC 11122  

• Strong, Tough, Water-resistant ABS-like parts • High Dimensional stability
• Nearly colorless, like true, clear engineered plastic
• Automotive, medical and consumer electronics parts

DMX-SL 100 • High Impact Resistance
• Functional end-use performance prototypes • Offers Snap Fit Options
• Good for automotive housings, packaging applications
ProtoGen O-XT 18120 • General purpose translucent resin
• Superior Chemical resistance
• Humidity and temperature tolerant parts
• Medical, electronics and aerospace applications
RenShape SL

• Improved retention of strength and dimensions of parts in humid conditions
• Build parts passes the USP 23 Class VI test
• Less part finishing time with ease of post-cutting
• Higher quality casting masters for the investment casting parts

Somos® ProtoGen™ O-XT 18420 • Higher impact strength requirements.
• 200 degrees F and tensile strength of 9750 psi (after thermal post cure treatment).
•Exceptional surface finish

FDM Materials
Material Application
ABS • Like a true thermoplastic
• Rapid Production of durable prototypes
• Can be painted for "production" models
• Automotive
• Electronics
• Telecommunications
Polycarbonate • Industrial grade thermoplastic
• Rapid Production of durable prototypes
• Color White from machine
ULTEM 9085 • Flame Retardant
• High performance thermoplastic
• Aerospace, marine & transportation applications

SLS Materials
Material Application
DuraForm PA • Functional prototypes that approach end-use properties
• Excellent Surface Resolution and Feature Detail
• Offers Living Hinges and Snap Fits
• Compatible w/ autoclave sterilization
• Housings & Enclosures, Consumer products and automotive parts
DuraForm EX • Impact resistant Plastic
• Emulates Polypropylene or ABS
• Functional End-Use Prototypes
• Features Full Memory & Snap-fit
• Housings/Enclosures, Connectors, Automotive, etc.
Duraform GF • Functional engineering plastic models.
• Functional models where stiffness and strength is required.
• Master patterns for secondary tooling applications.
• Short-run prototype tooling inserts.
CastForm PS • Investment casting patterns without tooling
• Foundry wax performance
• Low Ash content
DuraForm Flex • Flexible, rubber-like prototype and parts - no tooling required
• Gaskets, hoses, seals & other watertight parts
• Rapid pre-production testing & optimization
• Demonstration Models
• Low-volume manufacturing
• Waterproof Processing available
• Emulates Santoprene/neoprene
Windform XT 2.0 • Carbon based material for Wind Tunnel testing
• Functional Prototypes structural, automotive and aerospace parts
• UL 94 rated when Tempered
• Elevated HDT 170°C
• Electrically Conductive
• Maximum part size : X=13" x Y=11" x Z=16"
Unfilled Nylon 11
PA 860
• Cleated footwear devices
• Highly functional end use parts
• automotive housings, enclosures and connectors
• Ideal for applications requiring rigorous functionality & testing
Nylon 12
PA 2200
• Fully functional prototypes with high end finish right from the process
• Withstands high mechanical and thermal load
Nylon 12 -Fire Retardant
PA 606FR
• Aerospace & automotive ducts
• Snap fit components & multi sectional bonding requirements
• Prototypes requiring durability, accuracy & end-use functionality
• Ideal for high feature detail applications requiring FAR 25.853 fire retardant compliancy
50% Glass Filled
PA 615-GS
• Automotive engine components
• Mold and tooling applications
• Complex geometries requiring accuracy & feature resolution
• Ideal for rugged applications requiring stiffness at elevated temperatures
PA 605-A
• Excellent dimensional accuracy
• Well-balanced ratio of density & stiffness
• increased thermal conductivity
• Good machinability

PolyJet Matrix Materials
Material Application

Multiple Materials

•Good modeling for multiple industry parts.
•Diverse material options from Hard to Soft durometer
•Overmolded Parts options

DMLS/DMLM Materials
Material Application

Stainless Steel 17-4

• Stainless Steel Powered Metal
• Good Corrosion Resistance and Sterilisability
• High Toughness and Excellent Ductility
• Parts can be welded, shot-preened, polished and coated
• Create functional prototypes, small series products and spare parts
CoCr MP1 • Multi-purpose cobalt-chrome-molybdenum based super-alloy
• Excellent Mechanical Properties
• Corrosion and Elevated temperature (500-1000°C) resistance
• Nickel-Free and Sterilisability
• Fulfills ISO 5832-4 and ASTM F75 of cast CoCrMo implant alloys
• Fulfills ISO 5832-12 and ASTM F1537 of wrought CoCrMo implant alloys
• Biomedical Implants – spinal, knee, hip bone, to and dental
• Turbines, Engine & Cutting parts and Dental Devices
• Parts can be welded, shot-preened, polished and coated
• Create functional prototypes, small series products and spare parts
• Cooling inserts for tools
• Electromechanical components
• Mold inserts and cores for plastic and pressure castings
• Valves
• Brackets and fixing elements facing high stresses

Direct Metal 20

• Bronze based metal powder
• Excellent detail resolution & surface quality
• Prototype injection molding tooling

Titanium Ti64

• High Mechanical Properties and Low Specific Weight
•  Small series Products
• High Performance Engineering Applications

Maraging Steel MS1

• Tooling Applications
• Aerospace Parts

Nickel Alloy IN718

• High Temperature Applications
• Corrosion Resistance
• Excellent Cryogenic Properties
• Aero and Land Based turbine parts
• Chemical and Process Industry Parts

Nickel Alloy IN625

• Good Corrosion Resistance
• Excellent Fatigue and Thermal Fatigue Properties

15-5 Stainless PH1

• Functional Metal Prototypes
• High Strength and Hardness

Aluminum AlSi10mg

• Functional Aluminum Prototypes
• Small Production Runs
• User Specific Spare Parts
• Good Thermal Properties
• Low Weight

Stainless Steel 316L

• Excellent Corrosion Resistance
• High Ductility
• Post-processing Possible
• Watch & Jewelry Making
• Automotive
• Aerospace
• Food & chemical Plants

Nickel Alloy HX

• Heat & Corosive Resistant
• Strength & Oxidation Resistance
• Functional Repair
• Rapid Manufacturing
• Aerospace
• Components with thermal conditions & High Rsk of Oxidation