SLA Prototype Service Materials
Material Application
9120 Solid Imaging Process to build 3D parts
11120 • Water Flow Analysis
• RTV Patterns
• Durable Concept Models
• Wind Tunnel Testing
• Quickcast patterns
Accura 25 • Look and feel of molded Polypropylene
• High Flexibility w/ excellent shape retention
• Snap Fit Capacity
• RTV Master Patterns
• Automotive and Consumer Electronics parts
Accura 60 • Emulates Polycarbonate
• Durable and stiff
• High Clarity-Polished to Glass Clear
• Humidity Resistant
• Tough Functional Prototypes
• Lighting and Flow models
• Automotive Design Components
• Medical Instruments, Devices, etc.
Accura Bluestone™ • Wind-tunnel testing
• Production of CMM/Inspection and assembly jigs & fixtures
• Lighting design
• Covers & Enclosures of electrical & Mechanical components
• Water-handling products
• Automotive "under-the-hood" Applications
• Housings & enclosure that require high stiffness and rigidity
• Electronic applications
Accura ClearVue • General purpose prototyping
• Models requiring high clarity - Head lamps and lenses, Fluid flow and visualization models, Transparent assemblies
• Snapfits and complex assemblies
• Medical models and medical devices
Accura Xtreme •Durable Assemblies: Snap fit assemblies, Tough Enclosures, Consumer electronic components
• Replace CNC machining of Polypropylene and ABS
• Look and feel of durable molded plastic
•Outstanding durability and impact resistance
NanoTool • Automotive components
• Wind-tunnel test parts
• light reflectors
• Pump housings
• Pump impellers
• Injection molds
• Ceramic Filled Material
• High Temp up to 269C
SLArmor • Wind-tunnel models
• Kinematic mechanical assemblies
• Factory assembly fixtures
• High-resolution die-castings
Watershed XC 11122  

• Strong, Tough, Water-resistant ABS-like parts • High Dimensional stability
• Nearly colorless, like true, clear engineered plastic
• Automotive, medical and consumer electronics parts

DMX-SL 100 • High Impact Resistance
• Functional end-use performance prototypes • Offers Snap Fit Options
• Good for automotive housings, packaging applications
ProtoGen O-XT 18120 • General purpose translucent resin
• Superior Chemical resistance
• Humidity and temperature tolerant parts
• Medical, electronics and aerospace applications
RenShape SL

• Improved retention of strength and dimensions of parts in humid conditions
• Build parts passes the USP 23 Class VI test
• Less part finishing time with ease of post-cutting
• Higher quality casting masters for the investment casting parts

Somos® ProtoGen™ O-XT 18420 • Higher impact strength requirements.
• 200 degrees F and tensile strength of 9750 psi (after thermal post cure treatment).
•Exceptional surface finish

FDM Prototype Service Materials
Material Application
ABS • Like a true thermoplastic
• Rapid Production of durable prototypes
• Can be painted for "production" models
• Automotive
• Electronics
• Telecommunications
Polycarbonate • Industrial grade thermoplastic
• Rapid Production of durable prototypes
• Color White from machine
ULTEM 9085 • Flame Retardant
• High performance thermoplastic
• Aerospace, marine & transportation applications

SLS Prototype Service Materials
Material Application
DuraForm PA • Functional prototypes that approach end-use properties
• Excellent Surface Resolution and Feature Detail
• Offers Living Hinges and Snap Fits
• Compatible w/ autoclave sterilization
• Housings & Enclosures, Consumer products and automotive parts
DuraForm EX • Impact resistant Plastic
• Emulates Polypropylene or ABS
• Functional End-Use Prototypes
• Features Full Memory & Snap-fit
• Housings/Enclosures, Connectors, Automotive, etc.
Duraform GF • Functional engineering plastic models.
• Functional models where stiffness and strength is required.
• Master patterns for secondary tooling applications.
• Short-run prototype tooling inserts.
CastForm PS • Investment casting patterns without tooling
• Foundry wax performance
• Low Ash content
DuraForm Flex • Flexible, rubber-like prototype and parts - no tooling required
• Gaskets, hoses, seals & other watertight parts
• Rapid pre-production testing & optimization
• Demonstration Models
• Low-volume manufacturing
• Waterproof Processing available
• Emulates Santoprene/neoprene
Windform XT 2.0 • Carbon based material for Wind Tunnel testing
• Functional Prototypes structural, automotive and aerospace parts
• UL 94 rated when Tempered
• Elevated HDT 170°C
• Electrically Conductive
• Maximum part size : X=13" x Y=11" x Z=16"
Unfilled Nylon 11
PA 860
• Cleated footwear devices
• Highly functional end use parts
• automotive housings, enclosures and connectors
• Ideal for applications requiring rigorous functionality & testing
Nylon 12
PA 2200
• Fully functional prototypes with high end finish right from the process
• Withstands high mechanical and thermal load
Nylon 12 -Fire Retardant
PA 606FR
• Aerospace & automotive ducts
• Snap fit components & multi sectional bonding requirements
• Prototypes requiring durability, accuracy & end-use functionality
• Ideal for high feature detail applications requiring FAR 25.853 fire retardant compliancy
50% Glass Filled
PA 615-GS
• Automotive engine components
• Mold and tooling applications
• Complex geometries requiring accuracy & feature resolution
• Ideal for rugged applications requiring stiffness at elevated temperatures
PA 605-A
• Excellent dimensional accuracy
• Well-balanced ratio of density & stiffness
• increased thermal conductivity
• Good machinability

PolyJet Prototype Service Matrix Materials
Material Application

Multiple Materials

•Good modeling for multiple industry parts.
•Diverse material options from Hard to Soft durometer
•Overmolded Parts options
Markforged Prototype Service Materials
Material Application
Multiple Composites
  • Delivers parts with tremendous dimensional accuracy
  • Material characteristics that offer higher strength-to-weight ratio than 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Up to 27x stiffer and up to 24x stronger than 3D printed ABS
  • Multiple material options in printed parts for prototype and actual market field testing
  • Jigs, fixtures, and other tooling
  • Custom end-use production parts
  • Functional prototyping
  • Structural parts
Onyx Micro-carbon reinforced nylon for strong, stiff and heat tolerant parts
Nylon Tough, flexible and versatile with a smooth surface for a wide variety of applications
Fiberglass For Stronger, Tougher 3D printed parts
Carbon Fiber For the strongest & lightest 3D printed parts available
Kevlar® Impact resistant reinforcement
High-Strength, High-Temperature Fiberglass (HSHT) Fiber reinforcement for high-temperature environments
DMLS/DMLM Prototype Service Materials
Material Application

Stainless Steel 17-4

• Stainless Steel Powered Metal
• Good Corrosion Resistance and Sterilisability
• High Toughness and Excellent Ductility
• Parts can be welded, shot-preened, polished and coated
• Create functional prototypes, small series products and spare parts
CoCr MP1 • Multi-purpose cobalt-chrome-molybdenum based super-alloy
• Excellent Mechanical Properties
• Corrosion and Elevated temperature (500-1000°C) resistance
• Nickel-Free and Sterilisability
• Fulfills ISO 5832-4 and ASTM F75 of cast CoCrMo implant alloys
• Fulfills ISO 5832-12 and ASTM F1537 of wrought CoCrMo implant alloys
• Biomedical Implants – spinal, knee, hip bone, to and dental
• Turbines, Engine & Cutting parts and Dental Devices
• Parts can be welded, shot-preened, polished and coated
• Create functional prototypes, small series products and spare parts
• Cooling inserts for tools
• Electromechanical components
• Mold inserts and cores for plastic and pressure castings
• Valves
• Brackets and fixing elements facing high stresses

Direct Metal 20

• Bronze based metal powder
• Excellent detail resolution & surface quality
• Prototype injection molding tooling

Titanium Ti64

• High Mechanical Properties and Low Specific Weight
•  Small series Products
• High Performance Engineering Applications

Maraging Steel MS1

• Tooling Applications
• Aerospace Parts

Nickel Alloy IN718

• High Temperature Applications
• Corrosion Resistance
• Excellent Cryogenic Properties
• Aero and Land Based turbine parts
• Chemical and Process Industry Parts

Nickel Alloy IN625

• Good Corrosion Resistance
• Excellent Fatigue and Thermal Fatigue Properties

15-5 Stainless PH1

• Functional Metal Prototypes
• High Strength and Hardness

Aluminum AlSi10mg

• Functional Aluminum Prototypes
• Small Production Runs
• User Specific Spare Parts
• Good Thermal Properties
• Low Weight

Stainless Steel 316L

• Excellent Corrosion Resistance
• High Ductility
• Post-processing Possible
• Watch & Jewelry Making
• Automotive
• Aerospace
• Food & chemical Plants

Nickel Alloy HX

• Heat & Corrosive Resistant
• Strength & Oxidation Resistance
• Functional Repair
• Rapid Manufacturing
• Aerospace
• Components with thermal conditions & High Risk of Oxidation