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Sandcasting is a process for casting metal in sand molds. The mold is made by packing the sand around a pattern which can be machined or 3D-printed and is used only once. The sand is recycled after each use (with only small loss), so the process is efficient.

"We Pour Molten Metal into Useful Shapes in a Precise, Economical, & Timely Manner using Precision Sand Casting, No Bake (Air Set) Sand Casting &Permanent Mold Processes."

Our team provides comprehensive Prototyping, Pre-Production and Short-Run Production services.

We have expertise in CNC Machining, Finishing, and Assembly. It’s our high quality, engineering, and timely product deliveries that keep our customers coming back.

  • ALUMINUM & ZINC ALUMINUM ALLOY CASTINGS. Prototype, Pre-Production, "Bridge" to Production, &Low-Volume Production Quantities.
  • CNC Machined parts 'hog-ou't version available for Prototypes.
  • In-house pattern making and secondary machining.
  • Turn-key solutions available including chemical conversion (Alodine), plating, painting, powder-coating, screen-printing, and assembly.
  • Made in the United States of America

Our niche is making "Thin-Walled", "Smooth Surface" Precision Sand Castings that delight our customers.

Precision Sand Casting is a term we use for our proprietary method of the "green-sand" molding process. It is a process where our proprietary mixture of sand, clay, and water is packed around a "Positive" (typically a Matchplate) by hand, with power tools, or in a pneumatic machine, which will exert a compressive force to pack the grains of sand and clay close together to form each mold half.

The term "green-sand" implies that the sand binder is not cured by heating or chemical reactions.

No-Bake (Airset) Sand Casting is a process where our proprietary mixture of sand and plastic binder is packed around a "Positive" (typically a Wood Cope and Drag Set) by hand or with power tools which will exert a compressive force to pack the grains of sand and resin close together to form each mold half of the mold. We utilize this process for castings of 80-225 pounds. We utilize this process for producing “Large” castings; up to 64” x 64” x 18” in size and ranging from 40 to 225 pounds. provides castings for many medical applications: small to large, simple to complex, from hand-held devices to 200-lb. bases for medical systems. Aluminum castings provide the durability, security, and natural RF shielding as well as the desired aesthetics for vital medical components.

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