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Laser Marking & Laser Etching

We offer our customers a completely automated option for marking their parts. Our Series 800 ND YAG Laser can mark over 240 parts per minute with exact precision. Laser marking and Laser etching are affordable alternatives to pad printing. Laser marking and/or laser etching afford you fast and accurate marking options for identifying your products so they stand out in the market place. Unique design features and lettering options can be marked or etched on a full range of materials and surfaces.

Our team works directly with you to evaluate the best pathway for utilizing our program for promotional items or medical and industrial products.

The advantages of Laser Marking include:

  • 2D symbology
  • Indelible Marks
  • No Pre-Post treatment
  • No surface contact
  • Precise placement
  • Sharper image
  • Quick change via software

Our ink specialists have designed materials which specifically can adhere to frosted or clear glass allowing us to place your message on perfume bottles, signage, etc. Our well equipped team offers you a greater range for consideration whether decorating or flat or contoured glass objects. These processes have a proven track record for adhesion, durability and cost effectiveness.


Hot Stamping

Another cost effective way to decorate parts is Hot Stamping. Multiple materials such as plastic, leather, textiles, wood and paper have been decorated using this process. Hot stamping is also the process used to decorate raised lettering, known as tipping, or to emboss the image to the part.


Molders and Manufacturers

We embrace the opportunity to work with diverse clients in many industries. Our client base comes from all over the United States reflecting both entrepreneurial and multimillion dollar corporations. Whether you bring us a small prototype product or large volume runs we can support your effort.

Need more information about our Laser Marking & Etching?

Please contact us at (561) 752-9095. Our highly skilled team of engineers and design technicians are ready to take on your most demanding Laser Marking & Etching projects from our prototyping services menu.

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