PolyJet MatrixOur PolyJet MatrixConnex500™ 3-D Printing System is the world's first system capable of printing parts and assemblies made from multiple modeling materials all in a single build. 3Axis Development, Inc., offers customers unprecedented flexibility and speed in creating intricate parts and models that require more than one material; models that would previously have been produced using over-molding techniques.

The Connex500 System offers not only 3D printing of parts and models requiring multiple materials on one build tray; this system also gives 3Axis the ground-breaking ability to fabricate products made of composite materials, called "Digital Materials," created on the fly. Digital Materials are created during the build process and have preset combinations of mechanical properties that are not available with single materials.

The Connex500 System, based on Objet's breakthrough PolyJet Matrix™ Technology, establishes a new era in 3D-Printing for rapid prototyping services and rapid manufacturing – unlocking the door to virtually unlimited prototyping opportunities for you and your company. Take advantage of this advanced system to emulate the look, feel and function of your final products more closely than ever possible.

PolyJet Matrix™ Technology is a particularly good and time-efficient choice for applications that traditionally require the gluing together of parts made from different materials, and for end-products that involve double injection or over-molding production processes.

PolyJet Matrix Process APPLICATIONS

  • Over-molded parts and double injection process simulation
  • Coating Parts
  • Biomedical and translucent parts
  • Build parts to 19.7” x 15.7” x 7.9”

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