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We are Custom Fiberglass Fabrication Specialists providing full service custom fiberglass fabrication and engineering services. Utilizing the latest in CAD development, we design, engineer, and manufacture parts to your specifications. With a full quality program in place, we can manufacturing fiberglass parts or produce full product assemblies that meet the stringent conformance and traceability requirements of government, military, and aerospace contractors.

We manufacture parts to your specifications whether you have complete CAD drawings or just a sketch on the back of an envelope. We can design and engineer your custom fiberglass product from scratch or partial specification, create shop drawings, plugs and molds, and then fabricate the parts and have them delivered right to your door.

Military Fiberglass Fabrication & Engineering

military fiberglassMilitary grade fiberglass means more than producing a lighter and stronger product. Producing military fiberglass and composites requires a critical understanding of the special business and project management needs of military contractors and subcontractors. We understand the project oversight and reporting requirements mandated by regulatory agencies (DCAA / FAR) and we have programs in place to meet those requirements.

Fiberglass and composites used in military applications Fiberglass makes military parts lighter and stronger

If you have a product assembly that includes a fiberglass housing or component, our team can provide complete component procurement and assembly services. Our team can design and manufacture the fiberglass component or housing, procure required mil spec components with certifications from suppliers, and assemble the complete product for delivery to you.

Fiberglass in Military Conformal Couplers Conformal Couplers made of Fiberglass

aerospace fiberglassaerospace fiberglass
Aerospace Fiberglass Fabrication & Engineering

Take Your Business To New Heights with our extensive experience with aerospace fiberglass. We have produced parts for both civilian and military contractors meeting FAA requirements. We produce fiberglass aircraft parts and components that operate in the roles of ground support, test equipment, and customized aircraft interior applications.

Just some applications for aerospace fiberglass:

  • Housings for Electronics Equipment
  • Aircraft Enclosures for Controls
  • Ducting / Fiberglass Duct Work
  • Antenna Enclosures
  • Fan Shrouds
  • Storage Bins
  • Luggage Racks
  • Interior Panels / Walls / Separators
  • Housings for Ground Equipment
  • Couplers for Ground Test Equipment / Safety Equipment

...and much more!

Automotive Fiberglass Fabrication & Engineering

automotive fiberglassYou're In fast company we have been working with the automotive industry almost from inception. We fabricate everything from fiberglass race car bodies to fiberglass motorcycle fairings and even fiberglass seats for CART racing. We know what works in automotive fiberglass and we know what doesn't. In fact, our team currently fabricates race car body parts and components for one of the leading professional race car driving schools in the world.

But the application of fiberglass within the automotive realm is not restricted to high tech racing components. The special properties of fiberglass (FRP) and composites make them an ideal medium for designing a wide array automotive parts and accessories.

Examples of automotive fiberglass:

  • cowls / fiberglass hoods
  • ground effects
  • body kits
  • spoilers / fiberglass air dams
  • tail wings / carbon fiber rear wings
  • consoles / carbon fiber consoles
  • gauges
  • doors / fiberglass door panels
  • speaker boxes / fiberglass subwoofer enclosures
  • deck lids
  • fenders
  • motorcycle fairings
  • head lamp assembly

And much more!

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