Bringing Art to the Blind & Visually Impared.
3D Tactile Fine Art Printing for Museums, Science Centers and Cultural Institutions

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Quick 3d Custom Signage/Displays with Sound

"Seeing 3D in a new light"

We have developed a process that converts your existing digital files or photographs to 3D. It gives height to the areas that you want prioritized and then prints them with up to 1.75" of relief. 3D displays and signs help to emphasize the intended message making it less likely to be lost in a sea of competitor graphics. The process brings your product forward, separating it from background clutter, focusing the viewer's attention on where you intend it.

How it works

  1. We convert your conventional digital file or photograph to 3D.
  2. Separating the 2D data from the 3D data, we emphasize the areas of the image you want to prioritize, bringing them to the foreground of the 3D file.
  3. Next we create a 3D bas-relief substrate up to 48" x 96".
  4. Finally we reassemble the 2D image data  with the 3D fabricated data, delivering a stunning 3D rendition of your 2D image.

We have developed a totally new printing process that allows advertisers to extend their story telling ability and enhance the viewer’s experience. This unique process offers a refreshing new way for consumers to absorb visual information.

One of the most important principles of signage is that if you want to sell, you have to attract and hold the viewer's attention long enough to convey your message. And to do this, you will want to have graphics, text and images that pop out the second the viewer sees them. 3D Photographic Relief Printing lets you emphasize your message so it is quickly understood by the viewer.


To stand out amongst a sea of competitor graphics, you need to be remembered. It has been said that visual messages that are remembered have the greatest power to inform, educate and persuade an individual and a culture. Studies indicate that the 3D experience can simulate a sense of presence or, a sense of "being there".

Studies show that at tradeshows you have just seconds to capture an attendee's attention. With 3D Photographic Relief Printing your product stands out from the competition, inspiring interest and encouraging inquiry.

POP Retail Display

Studies confirm that it's unlikely for shoppers to make a rational judgment for every item on display in a store - it would simply take too long. As a result, they rely on a subconscious response to the displays and products that come into their vision. It has been shown that a 3D marketing display is more likely to affect the buy decision-making process.

Consumers are especially motivated to touch some products before buying them. For those high on the "desire to touch" scale, touching before buying is especially important. 3D Photographic Relief Printing allows the customer to reach out and "connect" with the product represented in the 3D display.

Themed Environments

Today, themed environments are everywhere. Found in amusement and theme parks, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, casinos and cruises. Themed environments captivate the imagination as they immerse consumers in another reality- a reality that enhances enjoyment and encourages purchasing. 3D Photographic Printing enhances the themed environment with photo-realistic reproductions, not an artist's interpretation.

3D Photographic Relief Printing enhances the themed environment with photo-realistic reproductions, not an artist’s interpretation.

Museums and Exhibitions

Museums, zoos, aquariums and exhibition halls are filled with visitors who are seeking a new and meaningful experience. 3D Photographic Relief Display Printing by 3DPhotoWorks offers visitors and curators alike the opportunity to connect with the subject matter in a new and exciting way. By adding physical dimension to historical and or information graphics, the visitors will see, feel, and connect with the subject in 3Dimensions, just like the real world is 3D.

Museums, zoos, aquariums and information centers are destinations looking to captivate the attention of their visitors. In 3D, graphics take on a new significance. They hold the viewers attention and promote learning.

3D vision impared artNew Products for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Theater art blends our 3D custom signage process with strategically placed sensors that when touched by the vision impaired tell the story of the art that they touch. This exciting new technology has been endorsed by the National Association of the Blind for the potential lifestyle changing impact it will have in brining in art and other signage to a touch/sensory life. Initial reaction from vision impared people who have interacted with the technology was that they experienced a new sense of freedom and appreciation as they no longer needed to rely on others to "see" the art.

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