Secondary Operations

  • Drilling
  • Finishing
  • Flaming
  • Inserts
  • Packaging
  • Polyethylene secondary foaming
  • Routing
  • Some assembly
  • Trimming
  • Urethane Foaming
  • Welding


Rotational Molding is a process for making hollow plastic parts. Typical parts include containers as well as material handling, industrial and recreational equipment. The process produces a seamless hollow piece. Small parts can weigh less than a pound. Larger parts weigh up to several hundred pounds. The wall thickness can be controlled.

Many types of plastics can be roto molded, most often polyethylene, in a wide range of colors. Linear polyethylene is our primary material due to the fact that it exhibits excellent strength, durability and toughness. All of our materials include UV inhibitors making them suitable for extended outdoor use.

Industries Served

  • Boating
  • Food Services
  • Furniture
  • Highway Safety
  • Hunting
  • Lawn and Garden
  • Mailboxes
  • Material Hoppers
  • OEM Equipment
  • Pet Products
  • Photographic
  • Pool and Spas
  • Recreation

Ancillary Services

  • Design Engineering assistance
  • Solid Works compatibility
  • Graphics Molded in or Molded On
  • Four Point Quality Control
  • Short and long runs with no charge set-up fee

Roto molding Process offers you the following advantages:

  • An endless pallet of color choices, including granite colors
  • Design Flexibility
  • Economic tooling costs
  • One piece lightweight construction
  • Relatively stress free corners
  • Resistance to Chemicals and corrosion
  • Uniform wall thickness


Prototype Roto Molding (PRM) process is used to simulate rotational and blow molded production parts.

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