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One of the most disheartening events in the development of die castings is to get the first samples back from the production tool and discover that the part does not work as intended. The problem can be caused by a variety of things; the die castings fail under operating conditions, the die castings may not fit properly with other components during assembly, or it may be simply that the customer doesn’t like the way the die castings look.

We specialize in simulated die castings using the R.P.M. (rubber plaster mold) process. Our rapid manufacturing process offers low cost rapid prototyping and low volume production runs. Utilizing your furnished prints or solid modeling/3D-printing capabilities, tooling is created quickly and inexpensively. The tooling is used to create plaster (gypsum) molds in which material of your choice is poured to produce your prototype castings. Aluminum castings and zinc castings made using this process more closely simulates die castings than any other rapid prototyping process. Material used in the prototype parts provides reasonable approximations of the physical properties of die casting alloys. Tooling can also be used for low volume production or as a gap filler while production dies are being built. The first aluminum castings or zinc castings can typically be delivered within two to three weeks.

Key Advantages

  • Rapid prototyping provides precision and premium prototype castings.
  • Rapid prototyping is used to assist engineering design before proceeding with expensive production tooling for die castings.
  • For aluminum castings or zinc castings with thin walls or weight constraints.
  • Rapid prototype tooling manufactured at low cost, allowing easy modification.
  • Prototype castings reduce time to market.
  • Prototype castings assist in evaluating potential markets.
  • Prototype parts assist in U.L. approval and in house testing.
  • Prototype castings help to evaluate aesthetic application where appearance is critical.
  • Prototype castings can be used for sales presentations or marketing shows.

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