Precision Grinding Services

Jig and Cylindrical Grinding

Our precision grinding program gives you options for cylindrical grinding, jig grinding and surface grinding. We can accommodate sizes up to 120" long and 30" wide delivering tolerance profiles as close as 50 millionths.

Cylindrical Grinding

Our facility combines the use of a CNC Studer Cylindrical Grinder and other equipment which provide cylindrical grinding solutions that include face grinding, internal grinding, external grinding as well as contour and form grinding.

Process capabilities give you options for:

  • Features of Size: +/- .000030 in the x & z axis
  • Maximum weight between centers 130 kg (286 lbs.)
  • Work Capacity up to 14 inches in diameter and 60 inches long

Jig Grinding

We currently run three (3) CNC Moore Jig Grinders providing in support of your jig grinding requirements

Process capabilities give you options for:

  • A Axis Control • Moore spin table capability • High speed grinding head capabilities
  • Features of Size: +/- .000040 - True Position to within .0001 in 3 axes
  • Moore Autosize and Autogrind to maintain part geometry and size providing unattended operation.
  • Work Capacity to 24 x 48

Precision Lapping and Surface Grinding Materials

  • Carbide
  • Ceramic
  • Hardened Steel (58Hrc)

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Please contact us at (561) 752-9095. Our highly skilled team of engineers and design technicians are ready to take on your most demanding Precision Grinding Services projects from our prototyping services menu.

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